Enterprising children to earn some cash with new Waipu markets

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Enterprising children to earn some cash with new Waipu markets

The enterprising children of the region will have a chance to exhibit their skills soon, with the launch of the Waipu Kids’ Market on the Queen’s Birthday weekend in June.

Waipu Street and Park Market coordinators, Judy and Graham Boult, say they are excited to be introducing the market at the Celtic Barn on Sunday, June 3 from 9am to 1pm.

The market offers a chance for motivated children between the ages of 7 and 12 to make their own pocket money and try out a business idea that they may have.

Maria Rial is the mother of Waipu stallholder Oliver Vietri (10) and says, “I think the Waipu Kids Market is a great opportunity for the younger community to showcase their talents and entrepreneurial skills. It also offers the kids an entry level appreciation of what is like to run a business.”

All young sellers will need to have an adult with them to help them look after their stall, whether that be pre-loved toys, handmade items, creations or their own home-baked goodies to other kids at pocket money prices.

“We were surprised to find out that earlier in the year, he [Oliver] was making origami ninja stars and selling them at school, so when I heard about the Waipu Kids Market, I thought he would jump at the opportunity which he has,” says Maria.

Oliver says it’s his first time selling at a market and he plans to sell baking, and pre-loved toys and books.

“My mum told me there was a market in Waipu for kids and I’ve been to the Sunday markets before,” says Oliver, who hopes to cover the cost of the baking and stall, and also help save some money to buy some Polaroid film and souvenirs as he’s going to visit his grandmother in Spain soon.

Oliver, whose hobbies include “aerial circus, dancing, video games, doing art and playing with friends,” says he wants to be in Cirque du Soleil when he grows up.

For more information about stalls, email street market@waipu.kiwi.