Whangarei Business goes Meat-free

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Whangarei Business goes Meat-free

There’s a new winter menu out at local Whangarei business The Lunch Box, a business that makes and delivers delicious lunches to busy whānau and professionals. Every week The Lunch Box make up to 300 lunches. This week marked the introduction of winter hot pots into the menu including crowd-favourite Thai coconut pumpkin soup.

Ani Heta (25) founded The Lunch Box in 2017 to provide healthy lunch options for Whangarei locals.

“With a busy schedule and a few more days to get through the week it is vital that our bodies are gaining the vitamins and minerals it needs to restore energy and cells to keep us charging through the week,” says Ani.

“Making small changes in your diet helps. It’s pure science that you perform better when fuel your body with the right fuel. Just like a car’s engine, you gotta look after it to get you places.”

The kai offered by The Lunch Box is exclusively vegetarian or vegan. This provides a much-needed option for the increasing numbers of people who are moving to a plant-based diet.

Ani herself is vegan and made the conscious decision to stop eating meat in 2016, since acquiring an acute awareness of the impact agriculture and mass factory farming have on the environment, our health and the inhumane treatment of animals.

“Agriculture is the leading cause of climate change and deforestation with an estimated two acres of forest cut down every second. Although agriculture has been a practice used for thousands of years to help sustain our way of life, the imbalance of such a complex practice has ultimately cost us our eco-system.”

The packaging used by The Lunch Box is eco-friendly and made from reclaimed and rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp – no trees required.

You can visit The Lunch Box facebook page for the latest updates and order a Lunch Box by email: thelunchboxwhangarei@hotmail.com, phone: 022 456 6966 or via facebook messenger @thelunchboxwhangarei.